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Personal Training Port Melbourne

By Nick Hall

Nick Hall Personal Training Port Melbourne provides a tailored weight loss, toning and body composition program designed specifically for those who are time poor and don’t have hours of spare time each day to cook or exercise.

Nick Hall Personal Training Port Melbourne has a primary focus of educating the client on the right nutritional choices to make and strategically recommending specific exercise for weight loss routines that will provide the greatest changes in body shape.

Nick Hall conducts one on one, two on one and group training at Fluid Health, 263A St, Port Melbourne. Fluid Health is a private personal training studio.  No gym membership is required to train with Nick Hall.

What sets Nick Hall apart from other personal trainers is…

Training philosophy:
Exercise isn’t used and prescribed as a tool to burn calories. The focus is on the right amount of the right type of exercise which produces the right hormonal response to create changes in body shape. Results can be achieved in as little as two hours exercise per week. Home workouts can be completed in as little as 15 minutes with little or no exercise equipment.

Nutrition philosophy:
There is no focus on calorie restriction or dieting. The focus is on educating the client on what types of foods to eliminate which create a hormonal response which leads to fat storage and inflammation. The client is also educated on what types of food to include more of in their diet which reduce inflammation and contribute to weight loss.

Clients have access to the Nick Hall Body Transformations online nutrition coaching program as part of their personal training package.

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Nick Hall Body Transformations also runs Group Training.  Click here for more details.