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    How to Burn More Fat While You Sleep

    By Nick Hall

    There are many different theories around what and when to eat before bed or what time to stop eating that will help you burn more fat while you sleep. Some theories tell you to stop eating at 4pm, some say no carbs of an evening others will say to eat cottage cheese before bed.

    What we know is that our metabolism slows down while we are sleeping. Is there a way though that we can keep our metabolism elevated while we sleep?

    While sleeping, we are in a fasted state and our metabolism slows down therefore decreasing our fat burning potential. What we don’t want to do before bed is put our bodies into fat storage mode before bed.

    For most of us who go to bed at around 10pm and wake up at 6am or later, we have an 8 hour period where our metabolism slows and we miss out on a large chunk of the day where our metabolic rate could still be elevated without effecting our sleep.

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