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    15 minutes to fat loss sample

    HIIT Sample e-book – 15 Minutes to Fat Loss

    By Nick Hall

    We are proud to now have on offer a free sample of our HIIT, 15 Minutes to Fat Loss exercise e-book. The full version of this e-book contains over 100, high intense interval training workouts designed to maximize your fat burning potential in less time exercising. The workouts contained in this sample e-book and the full version utilize body weight exercises or one piece of equipment such as a kettlebell, dumbbells, power bands, slam ball or medicine balls.


    All exercise routines are designed to be completed in 15 minutes either indoors or outdoors.

    You can download your free 15 Minutes to Fat Loss exercise e-book by clicking on the download now button below. The e-book will then be sent straight to your email inbox.


    You can view a one minute summary of our 15 Minutes to Fat Loss program below.

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