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    Chocolate Cookies: Gluten Free, No Added Sugar

    Finally, chocolate cookies that aren’t full of gluten, sugar and refined chocolate. These gluten free, no added sugar chocolate cookies are made with coconut, dates, banana, raw cacoa powder and flaxseed meal. Stevia has also been used to sweeten the cookies and flavoured with natural vanilla essence.

    Preparation time: 10 minutes
    Cooking time: 20 minutes
    Serves: 8-10 cookies


    1 cup of finely blended desiccated coconut
    1/2 cup of dates blended
    1 banana (mashed)
    1 tbs of coconut oil
    6 squares of dark melted chocolate (70% or better)
    3 stevia tabs
    2 tbs of flaxseed meal
    2 tsp of raw cacoa powder
    1 egg
    1 tsp of vanilla essence

    Pre-heat oven to 180dg
    Crack one egg into a bowl and whisk
    Add banana to bowl and mash
    Finely chop dates then blend until they are finely chopped then add to bowl
    Add coconut flour, flaxseed meal, cacoa powder, stevia and vanilla essence to bowl
    Place 6 squares of dark chocolate in a small bowl and microwave for one minute
    Melt 1 tbs of coconut oil in a pan
    Pour both dark chocolate and coconut oil into mixture and stir well
    Line a baking tray with baking paper
    Using a tablespoon, spoon mixture out onto tray and flatten out with a fork
    Place in oven for 20 minutes