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    asparagus and spring onion omellette

    Asparagus and Spring Onion Omelette

    A quick and easy omelette/frittata you can make with any leftovers you might have in the fridge.

    4 eggs
    3 asparagus spears (pre-cooked – leftover)
    2 spring onion shoots
    Olive oil
    Salt and pepper

    Pre-heat oven to 180
    Chop pre-cooked asparagus and spring onion and place in pan with olive oil
    Sauté asparagus and spring onion
    While asparagus and spring onion is sautéing, whisk 4 eggs in a bowl
    Once asparagus and spring onion has sautéed, pour egg mixture on top into pan
    Reduce to low heat, once bottom cooked, place in oven until top cooked

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