Weight Loss Meal Plans – Meal Plan For Weight Loss

By Nick Hall

Diet Free Meal Plan for Weight Loss

If you’ve landed on this page, we can assume three things:

  1. 1. You’re trying to lose weight,
  2. 2. Most likely you’ve tried at least one diet before and
  3. 3. It didn’t quite work out.

Most likely, you were following a weight loss meal plan that promised a 5kg weight loss in the first week.  You may also have paid for expensive meal replacement shakes that you grew tired of after the first few days.

Wouldn’t you prefer a weight loss meal plan that would allow you to eat real, nutritious foods that tasted amazing and will also help you lose weight?

Most people who follow a diet fail.  Or they may find some short term weight loss then fall off the wagon and put it all back on again.  The reality is diets usually involve counting calories, eliminating your favourite foods, constant preparation of meals and boring bland and lifeless foods like this.

Not to mention the constant hunger, cravings for sweet foods and low energy levels.  It’s no wonder most diets have such a high failure rate.

Let’s face it, you’re a busy person.  You have a career, kids or both.  You can’t afford the time, added expense or the inconvenience of having to constantly prepare food for each meal.

Your ideal weight loss meal plan would be one that involves little preparation, small cost per serve, amazing taste and plenty of left over’s to store for convenience.  Your ideal weight loss meal plan would also allow you to create sweet tasting treats that are actually healthy which will also help you lose weight like this.


Imagine a weight loss meal plan that also educates you on what causes you to gain weight and how you can lose weight without dieting, counting calories or excluding your favourite foods.  A weight loss meal plan that you can adopt as part of your lifestyle so that you never have to follow a diet again.

Nick Hall Body Transformations provides all of this in one online 12 week package.  You can create your own ideal weight loss meal plan by using our recipe e-book and monitor your progress by following our diary system which provides you with daily and weekly reminders and goals to aim for over the 12 weeks.

You’ll also have access to our members only FAQ plus loads of articles and recipes which are updated daily.  Participants also receive unlimited email support as part of the 12 week body transformation package.

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