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    Vanilla Chia Pudding with Strawberry Compote

    By Nick Hall

    This is the second installment of our chia pudding range. This time we have added a strawberry compote to our vanilla chia pudding. This chia pudding is also gluten, sugar and dairy free. The below ingredients are for one serve in a small bowl. For more than one serve just multiply the ingredients.

    If you don’t to make the strawberry compote you can just chop strawberries up and add at the end.


    Serves: 1
    Time: 5 minutes

    1 tbs of chia
    1 dash of coconut water
    1 tbs of coconut milk
    1/2 tsp of vanilla essence
    4 Strawberries
    1 tsp of coconut oil
    1 Stevia tab

    Pour coconut water into small bowl
    Add chia seeds and stir until they form a gelatin like consistency
    Add remaining ingredients and stir well
    Place pudding in the fridge
    Add coconut oil to a pan on low heat
    Add chopped up strawberries and simmer until they have reduced to a jam like consistency
    One cooled strawberries have cooled, add to chia pudding

    Pudding is then ready to serve or else store in fridge until ready.

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