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    Full Body Fat Loss Torsonator Workout – HIIT Torsonator Workout

    By Nick Hall

    Today’s featured HIIT workout uses the Torsonator.  Most commercial gyms will have a torsonator installed.  All is required is a barbell and any additional weight you deem necessary.

    You can complete a full body workout using the torsonator. It is perfect for many squatting, pushing, rowing and twisting movements.


    With this routine I have used a 30 second working period followed by a 10 second rest period.  Four exercises have been utilised.  In order they are the squat press, single arm row and the torsonator twist.


    The aim of the routine is to complete as many reps as possible within each 30 second period.  In all 3-4 rounds would be completed within a 15 workout period.

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