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    The Dead Ball – Product Review

    By Nick Hall

    The slam ball or dead ball is basically just that.  A ball you can slam.  This is a rubber, unbreakable medicine ball filled with sand.  When you slam it or throw it into the ground, it stops dead, unlike a medicine ball that will bounce away or potentially rebound into your head or face.

    It comes in various weights from 3kg right through to 85kg.  The slam ball is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you will ever own. The dead ball is perfect for anyone looking to add variety to their workouts or wanting to build strength, increase their aerobic output or wanting more challenging exercises as part of their HIIT routines.

    Apart from slamming it as hard as you can into the ground, the slam ball is perfect for overhead pressing movements, adding weight to squatting or lunging movements as well as throwing movements.

    Depending on the type of routine you are doing you can use the slam ball either indoors or outdoors.

    The slam ball is perfect for HIIT workouts and circuits either at home, outdoors or at the gym. 

    As your using added resistance to exercises, when used as part of a well structured training you can expect to see increases in strength, endurance and lean muscle tissue. Due to the wide variety of exercises you can do with the slam ball it’s perfect to complement as part of a home gym or to use exclusively.




    I have purchased my slam ball from Ironedge and it’s copped an absolute caning for the last 12 months from both myself and clients.  I’ve slammed and thrown it into all surfaces such as concrete, grass, dirt and brick walls.