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    What is the best weight loss exercise program?

    What is the best weight loss exercise program?

    If you ask this question to 10 different people, you will probably get 10 different answerers.

    In terms of burning calories and trying to create an energy deficit to lose weight, exercise is a fairly inefficient way of burning energy. Want to burn 300 calories? you’d need to exercise at maximum effort for at least 30 minutes just to burn 300 calories. The two slices of toast with butter and a glass of orange juice you had for breakfast, there you go that’s 300 calories. Fortunately, there are a number of routines that you can incorporate into your weight loss exercise program that will have a greater affect than just burning calories.

    When it comes to losing weight we have two hormones that control our appetite, how much fat we store and how much fat we lose. Those hormones are Insulin and Leptin. I’ll spare you the in-depth biochemistry lesson by saying that the more sensitive you can make your body to insulin and leptin the less fat will be stored, the more fat will be used and the easier you will control your appetite.

    One way apart from eating the right foods to create better insulin and leptin sensitivity is by undertaking the right type of exercise at the right intensity. So what is the best weight loss exercise program? One type of high intense interval training is the tabata protocol. In order to create the right hormonal adaptations to stimulate weight loss, you need to use the right intensity.

    The below examples will demonstrate.

    As you can see this isn’t like sitting on the stationary bike and reading the newspaper. This is an all out effort. Otherwise you may as well just go for a walk around the block a few times. The reason why this is one of the best weight loss exercise programs is because it is all over and done within 15 minutes. Also the above workouts use only your own body weight. No need for 1hr spin classes or training for half marathons to try and lose weight.

    One last point. Exercise will account for around 20% of your weight loss results. Your priority first should be on consuming the right nutrients at each meal which help stimulate weight loss. Even the best exercise weight loss program won’t assist weight loss unless your nutrition intake is adequate enough to support it.

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