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    Here is what past and current clients are saying about Nick Hall.

    “Turning a couch-potato into a gym junkie is no small feat. Nick has been incredible. His cutting-edge exercise routines are individualised and challenging, but not more than you can handle. It’s no understatement to say that Nick has literally changed my health and my life”.
    Stephen Amis

    “I trained with Nick for about 1 year (before leaving the country otherwise I would still be with him). Not only does he take you for training but he actually takes an interest in what your goals are and whether you are on track to achieve them. His training is a complete package including nutrition and any advise you could think to ask for. He is fully knowledge in all aspects of fitness, weight training, nutrition, etc and under his guidance I lost over 5 kgs (and have kept it off), toned my body, and now live a much healthier life style. I highly recommend Nick and when I return to the country will definitely be hiring him as my trainer again”.
    Linda Coleman

    “I’ve been training with Nick for over a year now and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with someone so dedicated, professional and good-natured. My health, fitness and general well-being has improved dramatically since I started working with Nick and I can’t imagine going back. I couldn’t recommend Nick and his body-transformation program highly enough”
    David Richardson

    “As a long time exercise junkie, I’ve always been self-motivated and reasonably fit. Nick has helped re-invigorate my training regime and modify my eating habits to support the demands I make on mind and body. I have halved the time I spend training yet my strength and fitness have increased. Combined with his nutritional information and tips, I now have the tools to sustain a healthy weight without resorting to calorie-counting or “diets. At long last!”.
    Fiona Quigg

    “I’ll be the first to admit I hate the gym. If I can spend as little time as I can in there but still get a beneficial workout, then I’m all for it! And that’s what I’ve learnt training with Nick. I’ve gained knowledge about the right types of foods to eat and that healthy foods doesn’t always have to be bland but also that I can be in and out of the gym in 30-45mins doing the right types of exercises and not 2-3 hours like i used to.. that’s a plus in my books!”
    Trum On

    “Nick has totally transformed my attitude towards training. I would studiously turn up at pump or body attack classes, thinking I was working hard and feeling shattered afterwards but not really seeing any results. After signing up with Nick and firstly training with weights, I could not believe that I was lifting my own body weight and more after a short amount of time. Because Nick said I could do it, I believed I could do and sure enough I did! I toned up in all the areas I wanted. We also began some cardio training. Now this really excited me as I never realised that in just 30 minutes (10 mins on the treadmill, 10 mins bike and 10 minutes rowing machine) I could increase my aerobic capacity and reduce body fat very quickly. I won’t tell you the secret of these training sessions – you’ll have to ask Nick for that! If you need nutrition advice – Nick is a whiz. I put all the training and eating advice into practice and loved the results. I can highly recommend Nick. He is very personable, encouraging and supportive. He backs up his sessions with informative e-mails too which is a huge bonus.”
    Helen Larkin

    “I have trained with other PT’s for years & while my fitness improved, my body weight & muscle tone did not reflect the amount of training I did. Nick’s approach to nutrition & weight loss was something that made a lot of sense to me. He consistently coaches/guides you to make improvements in your diet & plans training sessions so you get maximum benefit. I have been training with Nick for over 18 months & can easily see where I have lost weight, gained muscle tone & also see my posture improve.”

    Rebecca Cerreto

    “In April of this year, my husband came home with the news that we would be travelling to South Africa in July.  This would normally be great news but unfortunately I had put on quite a bit of weight and knew that if I did not start on a fitness campaign I would not enjoy the holiday.  My husband had been training with Nick Hall for about 2 years, so I though I would also start training to get in shape for the break.

    I started with Nick in April.  Twice a week for weight with Nick and then I would concentrate on the cardio side myself whcih was only twice a week to the gym.  Nick aslo was able to give great advice on the nutrition side of weight loss and I am happy to say that I have now lost 18kg.

    I enjoyed the holiday and was able to do a lot of things I would otherwise not have been able to do without Nick’s help.”

    Helen Hitt