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    sweet potato rosti

    Sweet Potato Rosti: Gluten Free

    These are so easy to make it’s not funny. No flour required, just egg, sweet potato and olive oil. You can also add optional extras to the mixture like zucchini or carrot plus finish off with bacon and avocado. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.



    You can alter the ingredients to suit the amount of servings you are having. This is for one serve which will make two rosti’s.

    1 egg whisked
    1 cup grated sweet potato
    Olive oil

    Whisk egg into a bowl
    Grate desired amount of sweet potato into bowl
    Stir well
    Portion out half of mixture into frying pan with olive oil and pat down into a small circle
    When underside is cooked (2-3 minutes), flip rosti onto other side.
    You can also add grated carrot or zucchini for extra taste
    Serve with extras as below

    3 rashers of lean organic bacon
    1 egg

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