Online Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching

Nick Hall Body Transformations provides a virtual online 12 week weight loss and nutrition coaching program. No dieting, counting calories, weighing food or undertaking unrealistic exercise regimes. You’ll learn what has lead you to gain weight and what changes you can make to your nutrition and lifestyle habits which can lead to a profound effect on weight loss. You will learn how to work with your body to assist with weight loss and how to keep it off for good. See here for full details on this package.

Corporate Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching

Absenteeism in the workplace is not only costly but disruptive. I have seen first hand how a sedentary lifestyle combined with a lack of healthy food options available at workplace cafeteria’s can lead to rapid weight gain and declining health. Long hours and an ever increasing workload result in more stress and less time for exercise. Find out more how the corporate nutrition and weight loss program can assist your organisation.

Personal Training

Nick Hall offers a number of different personal training packages to suit your goals and budget. Whether your goal is weight loss or transforming your body, improving your athletic performance or group training, a package can be tailored to suit you. Free consultation and first session available. See here for a more details on each package.