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    Mindset for Weight Loss

    By Nick Hall

    Before embarking on a weight loss journey, it’s important to have the right mindset. If you don’t have the right motivation, planning, habits and support networks, your efforts to lose weight or transform your body are destined to fail.

    In this video I interview Tyson Day who is a personal development coach with CDSS. Tyson gives us an insight into how to establish the correct mindset that will help overcome hurdles, maintain motivation and keep you on track throughout your weight loss journey.


    Nick: Hi guys, Nick here from Nick Hall Body Transformations, today I’ve got with me Tyson Day who is a personal development coach and we’re going to be discussing how to get in the right frame of mind before starting a weight loss journey. So Tyson if you can just tell us a bit about yourself, what it is you do, where you’re from and what is your business.

    Tyson: I’m a personal development coach, so what it is I do is help people align their values and behaviours for them to perform and achieve their ultimate goal. My business is all about creating and developing their own success.

    Nick: So in terms of a weight loss perspective if someone is about to embark on a weight loss journey, how do they get in the right mindset to lose weight and to be successful.

    Tyson: The main mindset you need to develop in order to be successful is resilience. Because there is going to be times when it’s going to be difficult and you need to focus and be flexible in order to achieve what you really want to achieve and that kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight and that’s where resilience comes in. You take small steps at the start to build that resilience and you need to train that resilience muscle and use that to achieve what you want to achieve.

    Nick: So how do we put that into practice? How do we train for resilience or how do we build that up?

    Tyson: So resilience can come in where people for example get up, their alarm goes off and their like man I really need to train or I need to prepare my meals for the day or whatever it is and as soon as you start thinking about the negative impact so “I’m a bit sore” or “I can’t be bothered making my meal”, that’s when you start to develop that resilience muscle and say you know what, I’m going to turn this around and get up and apply myself to whatever it is that I’m doing and just give it 100% with full detail and full thought and that’s how you train resilience.

    Nick: So a lot of people when they’re trying to focus on a number of things at once like looking after their family, their career or their finances, then they have the added task of trying to lose weight, preparing meals, training, they find it easy to get side tracked, so how do you recommend people stay focused when they’ve got all these things on in their life.

    Tyson: It’s about just managing your abilities, a lot of people tend to take on too many tasks that they can’t actually do. It’s better to do say three tasks and do them really well as opposed to five and do them half. So it’s about managing your capabilities and finding the support networks that will allow you to do what you want to do and take some of the weight off your shoulders and realize that you’re actually doing this for someone be it yourself or your partner and your actually in this together and that helps people manage and also perform at a better level.

    Nick: So do you think planning ahead can really help?

    Tyson: Yes. It’s about planning ahead and setting yourself little targets through the day so you might set yourself a difficult target of training at say 6am or at night time and then the other target might be I need to be home for dinner for the family and so you need to set one difficult task and maybe two medium tasks and then some easy tasks that you can reward yourself with because your committed but at the same time you don’t want to be an easy task where it’s sabotaging your greater goal.

    Nick: OK. So I hear a lot of people say they need to be more disciplined if they want to lose weight or look better. Do you believe this is the case or do you think people need to build the right habits? Tyson: I think it’s all about the right habits. Having said that, discipline is definitely a right habit when it comes to preparing yourself to achieve a goal. If it’s creating a vision board for your motivation, that’s great, motivation only lasts for a small period of time. You need to make it a part of your lifestyle and a part of your value so that the motivation is a part of my lifestyle, it’s who I am, instead of I need to do this because of such and such. I need to make this part of my lifestyle because its good for my health, it’s good for the greater good.

    Nick: Clients will often tell me I’ve had a bad day or I’ve had a bad week or I’ve fallen off the wagon say for example I’ve eaten a bad meal or I’ve missed a training session, along those lines, so how do you recommend people overcome those hurdles and setbacks.

    Tyson: A great way to overcome hurdles and setbacks is to have a flexible mindset, so for instance it might be you’ve been smashed at work and you can’t get to training or you’ve grabbed a quick bite to eat or take away and it’s the process of going you know what, I did the best job I could at the given time but I’m totally tuned in to where I want to head which is my weight loss goals and that’s the muscle of resilience and it’s all about what’s going to take you closer to your goal. There’s a great mindset management technique called four levels of thinking, number 1, it’s good for me, it’s good for others, it’s good for the greater good, it feels good. Number 2 is the most important part where it doesn’t feel good so this is getting up early and eating those healthy meals at the start that’s really good for you, it’s good for others, it’s good for the greater good. So it’s going to take you more towards where you want to go. Now you want to jump between one and two because two allows you get into one and make it more comfortable and that’s when it becomes part of your lifestyle

    Nick: So if anyone wants to get in contact with you how can they find you?

    Tyson: You can find me on Facebook at Tyson Day CDSS or call 0404456058. To download your free HIIT exercise e-book click below.