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    medicine ball work out

    Full Body HIIT Workout Using Medicine Ball

    By Nick Hall

    I know a lot of people purchase a medicine ball and quickly run out of exercise ideas for it.  The medicine ball then ends up in garage, wardrobe or basement with all the other exercise equipment that was purchased with the best intentions but rarely used.  Medicine balls rarely come with a user guide however are very versatile.  You just need to be a little creative.

    Today’s HIIT workout is a four exercise workout using the 30 second on 10 second off working period.  Complete as many reps as possible within each 30 second time frame. The exercises used in order are squat jumps, wall ball and rotating wall throws.

    Repeat each round 3-4 times which will provide a 15 minute workout.

    This workout is perfect for those who only have or only want to use one piece of equipment at a time. As you are only working to your own fitness level it is perfect for beginner or experienced levels.

    As you are only working to your own capability this workout is perfect for beginner or experienced levels.



    For more HIIT  workouts which utilise kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls, dumbbells, powerbands and bodyweight exercises you can visit my YouTube channel and view more free workouts just like this. To request a personalized weight loss consultation click here. Simply complete our questionnaire and we will email you back with your consultation.