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    Minni pizza bites

    Low Carb Gluten Free Mini Pizza Bites

    I made these mini pizza bites with leftovers that were found in the fridge. Mini pizza bites are perfect for entertaining or if you feel like a mini pizza hit but without the extra gluten and carbs of a normal pizza. They take about 10 minutes to prepare and around 20 minutes to cook and taste amazing.

    Serves: Approx 10 pizza bites
    Time: Approx 20 minutes

    Approx 10 brown button mushrooms
    3 good quality organic sausages
    Tomato paste
    Either or all of the following:
    Parmesan cheese
    Feta cheese
    Olive oil


    Pre-heat oven to 180
    Line a baking tray with baking paper
    With a knife, slice sausages down the middle and peel the outer skin off
    Place all of the mince in a bowl then roll small portions (roughly the size of the a button mushroom) of mince into a ball and place into baking tray
    Place meat balls into oven for appox 20 minutes or until cooked
    While meat balls are cooking, lightly fry the mushrooms in a frying pan
    Once meat balls are cooked, remove from oven and switch oven to grill.
    Add a small portion of tomato paste to each meat ball along with an olive, feta or parmesan cheese
    Place a toothpick through the centre and place under grill until cheese melts