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    Sugar free dark chocolate

    Low Carb Gluten Free Chocolate Bites

    By Nick Hall

    These low carb, gluten free chocolate bites are made from raw cocoa and other whole food ingredients. They are also high in protein and good fats which will help give you the feeling of satiety, unlike regular dairy milk chocolate that you can literally keep eating.

    These low carb, gluten free chocolate bites can be made in around 5 minutes.

    Servings: Approximately 10 pieces

    1/3 cup of coconut oil
    1/3 cup of raw cocoa powder
    3 tbs of hard coconut milk
    30g of chocolate or vanilla protein powder
    1 tsp of vanilla bean or vanilla essence
    2 stevia tabs
    1 tsp of cinnamon

    Melt coconut oil in a bowl.
    Add all other ingredients and stir well.
    Depending on your preference you may want to add extra cocoa, stevia, vanilla or cinnamon.
    Place baking paper on a plate and with a teaspoon, spoon small portions out onto plate and then place in the fridge until hard.

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