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    How To Burn More Fat While You Sleep

    By Nick Hall

    Without even realising, our bodies are using fat as energy to fuel the huge amount of bodily functions that are constantly occurring without us even realising.


    How can we burn more fat while we sleep? We obviously aren’t exercising whilst we are deep in a REM cycle. However we can certainly do a number of things during the day and in the lead up to us hitting the hay that will help us burn more fat while you sleep.

    I’m not referring to running a marathon during the day or fasting for 12 hours before you sleep. All I’m talking about is making a few small adjustments to the daily habits you already have that will help to maximize your potential to burn more fat while you sleep.

    On Monday night 24 March 2014 at 8pm Melbourne time, I’ll be hosting a FREE web seminar on how to burn more fat while you sleep.

    We can only take a limited number of participants for this webinar so it’s essential you register early.

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