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By Nick Hall

In keeping with our aim providing a weight loss and body transformation service for those who are time poor we also provide our low cost HIIT group training session.HIIT (High Interval Training) has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of exercise for fat loss in the shortest amount of time


Each group training session is structured so that whether you are a beginner or experienced trainee, you’ll get the challenging workout you are after.


Our group training sessions are suited to those who want to participate in a low cost but effective group training session that is varied every time. Those who also want to increase their fitness level will also be challenged from these sessions.


Unlike gym based group exercise or boot camps, our group session numbers are kept to a minimum so that attention can be given each participant.


The equipment we utilize ranges from kettlebells, body weight exercise, rowing machines, dumbbells, medicine ball and core exercises are either full body or use large muscle groups to increase your fat burning potential.

Nick Hall Body Transformations Group Training Details:

When: Thursday night, 6pm.
Cost: $15 per session, 4 sessions paid in advance
Time: Each session runs for 30 minutes
Location: 263a, Bay St Port Melbourne (Fluid Health).

Participants can complete either the Tuesday night session, Thursday night session or both.