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    Ice cream 2(1)

    Best Weight Loss Food: Dairy Free No Added Sugar Strawberry and Coconut Ice Cream

    Who doesn’t love ice cream.  For some though ice cream is a once in a while treat.  Ice cream isn’t exactly one the best weight loss foods going around.  Except for this one.  Made from coconut and real strawberries this ice cream tastes amazing and can be enjoyed any time without having to worry about making an exception.

    Our dairy free, no added sugar, strawberry and coconut ice cream contains no added sugar is low carb and contains no preservative or artificial sweeteners that the commercial variety does.

    2 cans of coconut milk
    4 strawberries thinly sliced
    2 tsp of vanilla extract
    2 egg whites
    2 tabs of stevia

    Spoon out solidified coconut milk from can into a bowl.
    In a separate bowl whisk 2 egg whites until they are fluffy
    Combine all ingredients except strawberries into one bowl and stir
    Place half ingredients into a blender and blend until as smooth as possible then pour into storage container to freeze
    Repeat blending process with remaining mixture and add to storage container
    Slice strawberries and add to mixture and stir in.  Place more strawberries on top of mixture
    Place in freezer for a few hours to solidify
    Note: Eggs can be removed for allergy reasons
    Remove from freezer to thaw for around 5 minutes prior to serving

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