Corporate Nutrition And Weight Loss Coaching

From working in a corporate environment for 9 years, I have seen first hand how costly and disruptive absenteeism can be in the workplace. I have also seen how a sedentary lifestyle can lead to rapid weight gain. Workplace cafeteria’s full of deep fried and fatty foods with no nutritional food choices, vending machines full of soft drink and junk food, over reliance on energy drinks and coffee to get you through the day, eating lunch at your desk, working late and not getting time to exercise plus the added stress of having to meet deadlines and an ever increasing workload. All of these factors make weight loss and health maintenance very difficult.

Based on this experience I have created a corporate nutrition and weight loss package specifically aimed at creating a healthier working environment which will help reduce stress, improve nutritional habits, incorporate exercise and assist with weight loss.

If your organisation would like a free, no obligation nutrition and weight loss presentation on how you can incorporate a few minor changes both at an individual and organisational level to assist with improved health, stress management and weight loss Contact Us now.

The option is also available for on-site group training either in the workplace or at a suitable outdoor location.