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    How to burn 158 calories in 16 minutes without equipment or running?

    I hear these excuses every day…”I don’t have time to exercise”, “I can’t get to the gym”, “It’s too cold outside”, “It’s too hot outside”, “I don’t know what exercises to do”, “I don’t have any exercise equipment”, “I’m away for work so I can’t do any exercise at all”…

    Here is a simple and effective workout you can complete in the comfort of your own home in as little as 16 minutes that will maximize your fat burning potential which does not require any gym equipment, treadmills, exercise bikes or large spaces.

    Tabata Protocol

    Complete 4-8 sets per exercise before moving onto the next exercise.
    20 seconds per set. As many reps as possible.
    10 seconds rest in between sets.
    Exercises are as follows:

    Push ups
    High knees
    Lying leg raises
    Lunge jumps

    On this occasion I completed 4 sets of each exercise.


    Above is the end result.  158 calories burnt in 16 minutes. What’s more important though is the hormonal after effect of this type of training.  Hight Intense Interval Training improves insulin sensitivity which then assists fat loss.

    Warning: This routine is very intense.

    You can also download a Tabata Timer iphone app. below.

    Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our online workout series on YouTube.

    Find out how you can transform your body in 12 weeks with as little as 2 hours exercise per week.