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    15 Minutes to Fat Loss – FREE Online Webinar

    By Nick Hall

    Most of us are busy with a career, family or both and don’t have the luxury of being able to spend an hour per day at the gym. As a result, our exercise routine becomes a “when I get time routine” and our results suffer…sound familiar???

    Some of us don’t like the idea at all of joining a gym and sadly for most who do, never attend to get the benefit.

    With this in mind, I have put together this 15 minute presentation which explains how specific 15 minute workouts will provide better results than longer forms of exercise.

    The presentation will also cover how you can complete high intense interval training (HIIT) fat loss workouts at home, outdoors, with or without equipment regardless of whether or not you are new to exercise or experienced. Whether you prefer working out using only body weight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebells or a medicine ball, you can adapt a workout based on your training preference.